AlmostGOLF Ball - 25 Pack (loose Pack)

AlmostGOLF Ball - 25 Pack (loose Pack)
Why is the AlmostGOLF ball is the #1 practice ball in golf?


MORE CONVENIENT: almostGOLF balls eliminate the traditional barriers of entry such as time, money and travel. No longer do you have to get in a car and drive to a facility to hit balls.


LESS EXPENSIVE: All you need is a club, almostGOLF balls, and some open space and you can hit as many balls as you would like without the expense. Make your own almostGOLF range or course in the convenience of your backyard or neighbourhood.


SAFETY: In the past you needed nets or a dedicated facility. Now all you need is 20-40 yards and you can safely work on your game without the fear of denting cars or breaking anything.


IMPROVE FASTER: It’s a fact that the more balls you hit, the better golfer you will become. AlmostGOLF allows you to practice at home and get quality feedback and true ball flight response. You will find this will increase your on-course learning significantly.


Never before has practicing at home been easier or more rewarding for your game.


Now there is a practice golf ball that you can use away from the golf course to improve your game. Only AlmostGOLF offers unmatched performance and feedback so you can feel confident that your practice time is translating to lower scores on the golf course.


PERFORMANCE: The almostGOLF ball provides true ball flight feedback so you can accurately assess your golf swing and ball flight. You can now work on any shot in your bag knowing that you are gaining quality practice experience that will translate to improvement on the golf course. No longer waste time hitting sponge or wiffle type golf balls that don’t help your game.  Get started with almostGOLF now and improve your game!


CREATIVITY: almostGOLF allows you to practice every shot in the bag. Work on your driver swing, dial in your short irons, or practice your short game.  almostGOLF provides exceptional and unmatched feedback and performance from a practice ball.

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