About Us

AlmostGOLF is the maker of the #1 off-course golf ball which combines tour quality flight characteristics with safety unmatched by any other practice golf ball. AlmostGOLF is committed to growing the game of golf through our programs with the PGA Sections, camps and recreational parks, middle schools, high schools and colleges across the United States and Canada.

The first almostGOLF ball was introduced in 2001 at a golf tournament held on the campus of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The original almostGOLF ball prototype was constructed from a blown plastic practice ball that was injected with foam insulation and dipped in toolhandle rubber. Although the almostGOLF ball technology has evolved substantially over the years with extensive research and development, our commitment to growing the game of golf with our off-course golf ball and related products has not changed. 
AlmostGOLF products can be used by golfers of all ages and skill levels and eliminate the traditional barriers to playing golf such as: access to a driving range or course, fear of not knowing how to play golf well, a lack of golf clubs and other equipment, cost and the time it takes to play.  Beginner golfers can practice with almostGOLF products at their own pace in their backyard or nearby park and build the confidence and golf skills they need. Students who are receiving instruction from a PGA Professional or other teaching professional can practice what they learned from their lessons at home. Advanced or expert players can practice difficult shots in the backyard using almostGOLF products. Finally, playing almostGOLF is an inexpensive, healthy and fun event for the entire family.
In addition to our College Tour, almostGOLF offers Events which deliver the ultimate off-course golf event experience. Whether you are planning a fundraiser, product launch, corporate event, team building exercise or other special event, our experienced event planners will organise and execute a memorable, safe and fun off-course golf event for your guests. Or we can provide the products for customers to run their own events.